Answers to some Questions you might have:

 1) What is Young at Art Downunder ?
Young at Art DownUnder is the name of my studio/gallery in the Historic Village on 17th in Tauranga - Bay of Plenty.
Young at Art, from Young at Heart, I want to make sure people from all ages will feel happy to join in and share their artistic journey.
Downunder, well... for no other reason than that we are...
2) Who are you ?
Me ? I am Joyce, mother of 2 school age children, a boy and a girl, how lucky did I get ? I am also have a very supportive husband who makes all kinds of things I need for my art exploits.
3) What is your background ?
I was born and grew up in the Netherlands/Europe and have been a NZ resident since 1995. This is where I had my babies, this is home.
I am a partly trained and partly self taught visual artist. I like everything hands can create and am always hungry to learn more. I constantly look for new materials and will take workshops to get to know new techniques or learn by trial and error myself. Basically I like to play !
I tutor and coach school aged children as well as adults that either want to learn a new skill or have the need for some Art healing.
4) Art Healing, huh-what is that ?
Art healing is the wonderful process of learning to transfer your innermost feelings onto paper or canvas, into your art and thus empty your brain from those thoughts and feelings that are stressing you out or hurting you.
(Art Journaling can be perfect for this)


Parents please read this:
re/ expected conduct during the children's art classes: These classes are meant to teach the children about art, techniques and material use. (They are not after school care) This means, it requires a certain amount of respect to me as the tutor but also towards the fellow students, so that all will benefit from these sessions. When I notice disturbances in the group and the student is non-responsive to my warnings, I will notify the parent(s) I feel it is unfair towards the willing students when non-motivated children keep them from doing good work

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